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If you are planning a Morocco trip this 2017, I have some Travel Tips for you.

Getting There:

It’s sad that travelling out of Kenya is quite expensive as compared to many countries. I was comparing ticket prices with individuals from various countries to Morocco. Most  of them paid between $150 and $400 (15,000KSH – 40,000KSH).

Travelling to Morocco from Kenya costs up to $700 (KSH 70,000) with Royal Air Maroc. This is the cheapest option available. Direct Flights leave on Wednesdays & Saturdays weekly.


Kenyan citizens require a Visa that take 10 working days to process. Some of the requirements are;

-Passport (valid for 6 months).
-Copies of Student ID
-Letter from School
-Letter from Host
-Proof of Accomodation
-Copies of Passport
-Copies of Student ID
-Bank Statements
-Travel Itinerary
-Travel Insurance.

A 30 day visa costs around 2,000-4,000Ksh. Consult the embassy for exact requirements.

Arrival & Connection

The flights depart and arrive at Mohammed V airport. One can opt to take a taxi to Casa Port Railway Station or can take a train that is available under the airport for around 40MAD-60MAD (400KSH-600KSH) to Casa Port Railway Station where you can get another train to cities of your choosing, excluding some cities such as Marrakech.dsc_0035

Check the ONCF Website HERE for train prices & schedules.


I travelled with AIESEC and was lucky enough to pay $75 (Ksh 7,500) for accommodation in Casablanca. However, Airbnb and Hostels are a good option as they are quite affordable in each city. Some cities such as Marrakech & Casablanca would definitely cost more if compared to other cheaper cities such as Essouira and Fes.

Check out the apps & websites Airbnb & Hostel World for accommodation options

Getting Around

White Taxi & Red Taxi in Casablanca

There are 2 types of taxis; Petit Taxis and White Taxis. Petit Taxis go anywhere and have a metre running. They also vary in colour from city to city. White Taxis have specific destinations and can cost up to 10MAD (KSH 100)

There are trams that have specific stops and cost 6 MAD (KSH 60). You need a tram card which are available at the tram stations

When To Go.

Jan to March is the best time as the temperatures are forgiving and it is less crowded. May to August is scorching hot and is crowded


This also highly depends on you and your habits. However, a daily budget of 150MAD (Ksh 1500) will be sufficient for getting around and meals. Activities and fees is up to you.

The exchange rate:
1 MAD is equivalent to KSH10
1 US DOLLAR is equivalent to 10MAD

What To Wear
During summer, carry lighter clothes and sunscreen. Carry a warm sweater just in case there are drastic weather changes. The country is 90% Muslim. The major cities are less conservative in terms of clothing while the rural areas are less forgiving and would prompt stares.

What To Do.

This is largely up to you depending on what you like. However, I have shared my experience and some travel destinations; In Chefchaouen, Marrakech, Fes & Meknes, Rabat and I will soon write on Tangier & Casablanca. Cities such as Essouira and activities such as Camel rides in the Sahara are also amazing.

Check online for more options that I have not been able to provide in my articles.


Make sure you try the street food and pastries. You should definitely try Tajine and Couscous and definitely the wide variety of fresh fruit. I indulged in a lot of Paninis, Kiwis, Peaches, Cactus Fruit, Fresh Orange Juice & cheap yoghurt.

Eating out will cost you between 20MAD to 70MAD for an average restaurant.(KSH200 to KSH 700)


It is generally a safe country and as most countries just be careful and don’t walk anywhere you do not feel safe.

Life Saver Apps

Some apps that really helped me out a lot were;

-Hostel World
-Google Translate
-Google Maps
-Rome2Rio (compares all transport means and advises on the best option)
-Moneyfy (for budgeting)



The best place to buy souvenirs is in the old Medinas in whichever city you visit. Prices are reasonable here. If you are in Casablanca, the Old Medina and the Habous Quarter are your best bet on affordable souvienirs.

Cities such as Essouira and Fes have cheaper souvenirs when compared to tourist cities such as Marrakech and Chefchaouen.

Miscellaneous Tips

-When budgeting and planning your trip, be sure to have some money set aside for emergencies

-Be sure to register with the embassy on arrival especially if you are travelling alone just in case something happens to you or there is an issue with your visa.

-Carry Sunscreen (SPF50). The sun is very unforgiving, especially during summer.

-Get a Moroccan friend, host etc especially if you do not understand French or Arabic.

-Have fun

Have a lovely week.

Have any questions regarding travelling to Morocco? Ask in the comments below.


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