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“I wish I knew how to quit you, Tumblr.”
― John Green

I’m back baby!

Firstly, sorry for the long hiatus. Please note that the site has changed domains and I would appreciate it if you subscribed down below. Posts will be back on schedule from today.

It has been a while since I have done a travel rant on here. Since ranting was one of the core parts of this site, it’s about time I get back on it. So here we go. We are about to get real.

I personally have a love-hate relationship with social media. I am sure most of us do. We might be the lot of individuals constantly on our devices; closing one app and opening another. Cruising from Twitter to Instagram to Snapchat to Youtube then to Facebook (though rarely) like it were aisles in a store. Spending hours and hours window shopping and never actually buying anything.

Those of us who are doing social media right, use it as a tool for inspiration and networking. They scroll through their feeds whilst jotting down notes, screenshoting, DMing their muses and getting their daily dose of motivation. Social media is spiritual to these individuals. They mostly end up being that one annoying overly positive and optimistic person you know who cannot shut up about how good things are. Just like a Disney film duet where they sing like they are trying to out-positive each other.

For those of us who are doing social media wrong, we end up feeling depressed after scrolling through our Instagram and Twitter feeds especially when you follow travel bloggers, vloggers, photographers and their affiliates (Initially for ‘inspiration’ purposes). You scroll through these feeds and see people in destinations you could only imagine or doing amazing and thrilling activities that you are dying to try. Sometimes you even see Grace, your old highschool classmate, who you never expected to live the high life, well…actually living the high life. Damn you Grace.

You then shut off your phone and take a walk, sleep or have an existential crisis. Social Media can really suck sometimes. We subconsciously end up comparing our lives to everyone else.


Social Media is but a ploy by the Capitalist Western superpowers to control us and use us for their own greedy pursuits. LOL. I am only kidding.But I hope I scared you a little with this conspiracy theory. Which might just be true. Maybe social media was invented by aliens to control the human race.

Anyway…I digress.

Social Media has given everyone a voice. Nearly everyone is equal. It is a wonderful thing that has enabled so many of us to share aspects of our lives with others, inspire and even be inspired. So many creatives and creative ventures have began here. In terms of travel, it has been able to bring places and people who would have never had a voice in traditional media to the forefront.

The reality of the matter is that these sites only show the perfect reel of the individual’s movie. No one ever wants to share the sad or scary parts of their lives. You may see Grace having the time of her life in Cape Town but you never know what she did to get herself there. How many jobs she’s worked or how many extra hours she put in just to spend every single shilling she has to go for her dream South African trip.

Think of it this way. How may times have you sent out a Snapchat or taken a selfie appearing to be having the time of your life at that party or that destination but in the moment it was a very dull or mundane moment.

So as much as you see the picturesque photo-shopped pictures and the large grins on everyone’s face, let that inspire you rather then put you down. You should definitely try to be like your overly positive friend.

Question: What do you think about Social Media and Travel? Lets talk in the comments down below.



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