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One Year Of ‘Wanderlusting’

Disclaimer: Be prepared for a feels-fest. If you are allergic to feels, i urge you to save yourself while you still can. 😀

It has been one whole year. A year since we started this journey together. On May 4th 2015, the first post went up; ‘I WANT TO TRAVEL‘ Forgive my writing then as it was a spur-of-the-moment type of composition. However, it was a true reflection of exactly what I felt back then. All thanks to YouTube Travel Vloggers.

I dubbed myself a ‘Professional Wanderluster’ as I made it my mission to obsess over destinations and cultures. I read books, watched documentaries, followed the right people on social media; I made it my mission to know as much as I could.

But what good is gaining knowledge from a piece of paper when you can get it first hand. I therefore made a conscious effort to get out of the comforts of my bed and experience these things for myself. Not knowing where this journey will go, I started writing about it.

Fast forward 43 posts later and gah! It has been worth it. I’ve been to amazing places, met amazing people and was nominated for Best Travel Blog in Kenya! WHAT IS LIFE?! And I’m glad to say that i’m only beginning.

So what have learnt over the past year?

  1. Travel is not as expensive as you think.
    Having been raised in a typical Kikuyu family, travel was seen as an expense that did not really make sense. Money could be used for your education instead! This gave me the idea that travel is expensive and a waste of money! It was not until I started going on budget trips where I paid nearly 2000ksh or less that I knew that it is not all that we make it to be.
  2. Travel makes you meet and network with amazing people.
    My trips with Sanaa Story have definitely enabled me to meet creatives in different fields who have a lot to offer and I have learnt from. They too have definitely taught me A LOT.  Travel facilitates networking and you will leave that place having have met and connected with amazing people.
  3. Travel is medicine for the soul.
    There is something therapeutic and cathartic about travel. You have to try it to know.
  4. Travel your home country as much as you can.
    I could not stress how much I fell in love with Kenya through the past year. Kenya is beautiful. Many think that the best form of travel is going out of the country, but your home country has so much to offer that you will never know until you explore. Meet someone new, learn something new even if it’s locally.Finally,
  5. Sea urchins are the devil’s pet.
    I am so serious when I say that I have grown a strong disliking for them. Not that I have been stung by one yet, but I have seen one too many people being pricked by that monster. It’s not pretty. This is an important lesson I have learnt this year!

Thanks to every one who clicks on the notification and my friends for all the support. This space is as much yours as it is mine.  I couldn’t have made it to a year without you! 🙂

Finally, thank you to all the readers who frequent this space for each post. (I see you person from Djibouti and Bahrain!)All in all, my one hope is that this space has inspired  YOU who is reading this, to go out and explore! There is so much to learn and so little time.

Here is to another year and whatever adventures are to come!

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