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Ngong Wind Farm

Travellers rarely explore their own hometowns. I am no exception to the rule as I am just beginning to explore Nairobi. There are so many treasures that you are never really keen on till you actually go there. One particular place here in Nairobi, is the Ngong Wind Farm.

Located in the Ngong Hills, which  are peaks in a ridge along the Great Rift Valley,on the  southwest of Nairobi, this unique site is home to the sustainable wind power station that was established in 2013. Once you drive in, you are greeted by massive wind turbines. Those things are huge! The sadist in me could not help but imagine a blade falling off and the worst to happen.Thankfully, that has never happened.


One might opt to hike the hills but our main mission on that day was to have a picnic. Hiking the hills has been saved for another adventure. The wind farm is vast and  walk-able but it is way easier with a vehicle. You simply must come, set up your picnic items sit and enjoy the views of the undulating hills and the sunshine. Looking on the horizon, there is no sign of ‘development’ apart from the wind turbines themselves. A serene sight if you ask me.


We spent our day having our picnic, relaxing, taking shots and having good conversations. This destination is perfect for a group of friends or a chill date as there are also very few people around other than the few shepherds and locals. I got to meet Daudi, an aspiring pilot and Moses, an aspiring mechanic who live nearby and frequent the wind farm to play. I was amazed when they said that the view was ‘okay’ to them and there is nothing special about it. But to us (who do not wake up to that everyday), it was everything.



We stuck around till evening to view the sunset. We drove to a higher point where the wind was definitely stronger but the view was worth it. On one side, you can see the hills and the sun setting behind it with all its splendor and the other side, you can see the Nairobi City lights.



  • Entrance fee – 200ksh for Citizens (Residents and Non Residents may pay a little higher)
  • There are no charges for DSLR cameras
  • It is quite cold and windy; make sure you pack warmly.

All in all, the Ngong Wind Farm is a must-visit whilst in Nairobi; if you want a relaxed experience with family, friends or that special someone.

Have a lovely May! 🙂

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