We all have that one destination that we are dying to visit. My personal Bucket List consists of Iceland, Cuba, Maccu Pichu, New Zealand and Namibia but that is a post for another day.

I was curious to know what my fellow peers have as their ‘bucket list destinations’ and I asked them during the Lublaq event where fellow bloggers and creators were selling their wares.

So let’s get into this.


Ashley // The lovely M.C for the day with a beautiful voice //
North Pole, Amsterdam and Brazil. Locally, Lamu because it is beautiful.


I would love to visit Rwanda because it is beautiful. The country is clean and hills! I would also like to visit Venice, the Himalayas, and Brazil for Carnival.


Waksy // Musician and Performer //
Egypt because of it holds so much history and culture. Also Zanzibar!


New York because of the life there and also South Africa cause they have the best shopping experience.


Cape Town! Also Santorini because it is beautiful. Tokyo too!


Ian Mati
Greece because it’s full of history. Also Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania! It’s a small island but amazing all the same.


Ivy // Actress and Musician at Spellcast Media //

Iceland because of the scenery, Japan has an intriguing culture and their food looks delicious too. Some other worthy mentions are Ethiopia, Madagascar and Sweden!

Wamugunda // Actor and Musician at Spellcast Media //

Estonia cause the music scene over there is fire! Uruguay because it’s empty and beautiful.



Brazil cause of the guys *wink* and how free-spirited the people are.


Irene Mugechi // Economics student //

I have a long list. I must visit all the Scandinavian countries, Australia, Tanzania cause of the history there, Zanzibar of course and Tunisia.


Edna Asesa // Law student //

Seychelles cause of the beaches! Lamu, New York cause of the fast-paced life and Paris.


Mordecai // Musician and band member of Hart the Band //

Theres a crater somewhere in Kenya that has a lake underground. I’m not sure what it’s called but I’d really like to go there.


Saliamo Taiwa // Law Student and Twitter enthusiast //

Paris! Cause its the city of style, Greece cause of the architecture, Switzerland simply for the reason that Geneva is the most expensive city in the world! Barbados is also at the top of my list because of their intriguing culture.


I’d love to visit Cape Town cause of their beach front and the Table Mountain. Borabora is also beautiful!


Miami! Cause of the beach and the cars!


New York to see Lady Liberty and The Empire State Building!


The Bahamas! It’s calm and serene. Jamaica too cause of the experience.

Those are but a few of people I talked too. Some other popular mentions were Borabora, Nanyuki and Rwanda!

So, what is your bucket list destination? I would love to know in the comments down below or tweet me!

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Have a lovely week. 🙂