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A Day Trip to Nakuru: Through a lens

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
― Marc Riboud

Photography captures mundane moments of life and brings them to the forefront. There is something about it that lets you live in the moment. In the now.

This is the lesson I learnt on a photographers day trip organized by Sanaa to Nakuru Town.

I could say I met Instagram on that day. Okay, I actually met 15 über-talented creatives who mostly showcase their works mostly on Instagram. A budding community of young and ambitious individuals with an eye for detail; all to ensure that the full potential of the moment and the experience is captured through a lens.

They wield great power as they get a chance to change the narrative with the power of art.


This adventure began at dawn; desperate to catch the sunrise at Kinale Forest. African timing, however got the best of us and we arrived at Kinale when the sun was already up.


Kinale forest is along the Naivasha-Nakuru Highway (A104). To be honest, I didn’t know anything about this place prior to the trip. I saw it many times as I drove along the A104 but I paid no mind to it. I guess it’s mainly due to the fact that I haven’t seen or heard much of it on social media or magazine articles. But im here to attest that it is a hidden gem.
kinale4kinale6kinale5To give you a visual of this place; imagine the Shire from the Lord of the Rings or the landscape in New Zealand. It may be an exact replica; hoping that im not jumping the gun here. A little Hobbiton here in Kenya. I swear I saw Bilbo running around. 😀 It also felt like a magical forest straight out of a Disney film. The massive trees create mystery with delicate rays of light haloing the trees. A seasonal river that ebbs through out the year has created a grand valley. This place is picturesque.

the shirebush
clear blue kinale


Don’t believe me? Then look at these amazing photos taken by some of the photographers on that day!


Nakuru was our second destination of the day; a town known for parties and flamingos. It’s the Kenyan version of  Las Vegas; Naks Vegas. However our trip did not take us to  the town itself but its outskirts. Vast undulating hills and untouched landscapes. You simply stand and stare at the horizon.

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Let me tell you the story how i took this photo, of course with irrelevant bits. Yesterday met a group of photographers and creatives (more than 15) that were on a meet here. I look up to most. Took them to a cool location. I was just sweaty and full of dust from shooting a dry river, also with shoes about 2sizes smaller than what i wear just thinking of what to do then got a call and joined these awesome people. My shoes were really uncomfortable btw. We got to the location and while on top of the bridge waiting for @visualsxolet to take a group photo i saw a chopper up there and took this. Thank you for helping me waste your time reading irrelevant info haha, but i love the photo #sanaamag #sanaanjiani #sanaastory #IGKenya #Nikonkenya #nakedplanet #Natgeoyourshot #vscokenya #Justgoshoot #main_vision #naturegram #artofvisuals #agameoftones #exploreeverything #landscapephotography #brightaesthetic #neverstopcreating #Twenderaundi #natgeolandscape #moodygrams #illgrammers #folkcreative #igs_africa #thecreatorclass

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Our final stop for the day was View Point to catch the sunset over Mount. Longonot. A written description cannot even do it justice.


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Emojis in the wild #sanaamag #sanaanjiani

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I would definitely say that photographers have their own mode of travel. They are hungry to explore in order to find that perfect moment; that experience which they can capture and savour forever. There is a myth that when you are taking a shot, you are not  experiencing the moment but I believe that you are even more in the now as you notice details that not every average traveller does.

So the next time you are out and about, do consider carrying your camera or a phone and be in the now!


Have a lovely week 🙂

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