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Nairobi Railway Museum.

I have always had a fascination with museums. The fact that they hold centuries and even millenniums worth of history in one place, never seizes to amaze me. This is what drew me to the Nairobi Railway Museum.

Located within the CBD (along Uhuru Highway), this historical site holds railway artifacts from nearly 150 years ago. That is a long while back!

Once you walk into the premises, the first thing that you will not fail to notice is the masonry graffiti wall that leads you into the museum. The art here is colourful and dynamic! At the end of the masonry wall lies an Art Gallery and Studio which has been hired off to local artists to have a space to create.


The Museum itself consists of a Main Gallery and an Outdoor Exhibition area. The Main Gallery holds a lot of history such as the Queen’s chair and cutlery as she was travelling through Kenya, century old telephones and typewriters and even artifacts used by the first colonialists whilst in Kenya.


The outdoor exhibition area with actual trains is my favourite part. The grandeur locomotives have this rustic feel to them due to the fact that most of them are nearly 100 years old.


One particular locomotive has a very interesting history, Cabin 12.


Well, the story goes that there was a particular game hunter who came to Kenya on a quest to capture and behead the man eating lion of Tsavo. The hunter detached this cabin from the main train at night in an attempt to lure the lion and kill it. He even left the doors and windows open to allow the lion to enter the cabin and he would shoot it there and then. In the middle of the night, he looked out and told the crew that he saw green eyes that may have been a rat’s eyes. He then opted to sit near the door, rifle at hand and soon fell asleep. The man eating lion of Tsavo soon came into the cabin and grabbed the hunter by the neck and dragged him out the cabin into the distant darkness.

Cool story, right?


Non –Resident – 500/=($5)
Non –Resident student – 300/=($3)
Non-Resident Child – 200/=($2)
Resident – 500/=($5)
Citizen – 200/=
Citizen student / pupil – 100/= (these are approximated prices subject to change)

So if you are a history buff like me, the Nairobi Railway Museum is a place you need to visit.

Have a lovely week 🙂

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