There are very few places where I could say I have found equanimity; a true state of mental calmness. One of these places is by bright blue waters, with waves crashing down, light showers, the sun in my face and the wind in my kinky hair.You take in the moment as it comes -slow breathes- and finally arriving at a state of nirvana.

Another is within tall trees, rustling leaves and the chirping of birds. One specific place found here in Nairobi is the Nairobi Arboretum.


Located a short distance from the CBD along Arboretum Road, this tranquil locale has become home to many zen seekers, picnic goers, fitness enthusiasts or anyone who simply fancys nature.

Arriving on a Saturday, you would not miss a bunch of fitness junkies working out, people taking a casual jog, a wedding photo shoot or a spoken word get-together.

On a weekday, you would not miss a group of 20-somethings seated on a red and blue stripped Maasai Shuka having a casual laugh  over a pack of fries  or the wallflower often positioned under a tree with a Stephen King novel who ends up dosing off after a few pages into his read. You would also find the zen seeker, also seated under a tree, simply taking in the moment; or maybe he came in for a quick power nap. I am not really sure about him.


There will be the occasional monkey or two that drops by, trying to steal your last mandazi.

For me, I have frequented the Arboretum for all the above reasons;apart from the fitness part. Knowing me, it would have been a surprise if I joined the fitness junkies. But I will. Soon. Hopefully. Let’s forget I even mentioned it. 😀

The one thing that they have in common is their search for equanimity.
yellow tree

Why is this the case? Could it be  how nature has a way of calming us down? A way of providing the perfect atmosphere to interact with others? Or how it provides an escape from the monotony everyday life?



Well, you simply have to go there yourself to find out.

Have a lovely week.


Photo Credit
Christine Waithera
Fiona Naserian
Michelle Wanjiru
Kinja Kariuki