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Lake Elementaita: Wanderlust Road Trip (Part 2)

Welcome to Part II of this Lake Elementaita series. If you did not get a chance to read Part I, please click HERE.

It’s quite lengthy. So get comfortable, grab a cuppa and enjoy 🙂


On the weekend of the 22nd, I had the opportunity to accompany Sanaa on their Wanderlust Road Trip to Lake Elementaita.

For anyone who is not familiar with Sanaa , well, it is a creative initiative that blends African Art and Fashion and at the same time brings a different African narrative from the contemporary Kenyan millennial. They also have interactive events that offer a creative space for artists and non-artists to tap into their creative juices.

They recently began A Wanderlust initiative where they travel Kenya, in good fashion. Quite interesting, isn’t it?



We started our journey at 2pm having picked up the 6 travellers. The road trip was to take an estimated two and a half hours but being the photography enthusiasts that we all are, the trip would definitely take longer. The car ride was filled with good music that really pumped us up for the long expedition. Jus waxx’s ‘Tena‘ was the theme song to our journey.

We drove using the Limuru route which was an alternative route to the one I took the week before. This route has more to offer in terms of landscapes. It was definitely filled with green and blue hues.

tripcar ride

After about one and a half hours we stopped at Longovasha View Point for a breather. The views at this point are spectacular as you are able to see Mount. Longonot & Lake Naivasha. It also has a Chicken Inn which is a well deserved meal after hours in a car.

An interesting stranger I met at the View Point who wanted his picture taken

Finally,after another photo session and a well deserved rest, we journeyed on.

For anyone who has not driven along the Naivasha-Nakuru Highway, you may be doing yourself a great disservice. The landscape here is picturesque. Unaltered beauty at its best.

A few kilometers from Oasis Eco Camp past Kekopey, we made a stop to take more pictures as the sun was setting with music booming out of the car and cold drinks at hand. It was the ultimate road trip experience.





After our shoot, we arrived at Oasis Eco Camp. It’s an Eco Camp due to the fact that it is quite sustainable in terms of energy efficiency and the materials used to build it. They use clean solar energy and renewable materials such as timber and thatch giving it an authentic African feel.

Due to the fact that it is low season, we weren’t the least bit surprised that we were the only people at the camp at the time. The manager took us round the camp and showed us our cottage, Muthiga House.


This cottage is similar to a cabin. It has a kitchenette, living room and 3 bedrooms with two beds each and an en-suite bathroom. The space that excited most of us was the upper level lounge which had a view of the trees next to the cottage. Gah! I wanted to wrap up this room and take it home with me.


The kichenette


Living Room


Upper Lounge Area


This is all for 12,000 KSH (120$) a night which is quite reasonable if you are going as a group of 12 friends! There are also tents available which overlook the lake and are priced at 5000ksh($50) a night!

picinic baskettents

This is a more affordable option as compared to Pelican Lodge for anyone who wishes to visit Lake Elementaita.

Oasis Eco Camp also offers an array of activities like Bike riding, game drives, visits to Kariandusi, Menengai Crater and Thompson Falls and even bee keeping lessons to name a few. Heck! I would really enjoy a bee keeping lesson any day! Unfortunately, I was not able to partake in any of these activities because of time. I must go back to check off ‘bee keeping lesson’ off my bucket list. It is No: 304. 🙂

For more about Oasis Eco Camp, you can click HERE.

That night we settled in our new-found home and bought some Nyama Choma(Goat Meat) & Ugali for dinner, which we had whilst having good conversation in the upper floor.

After dinner, we opted to walk to the lake and have some fun with pyrotechnics. This was mostly for us to take some long exposure pictures and I would say i’m no longer a novice at that.

long exposurelond expo


At 7am I headed over to the lake with Major, the sweetest camp dog, to catch the sunrise.


Look at that cute face!

Picturesque views, Acacia tress, Stunning terrain, Pelicans yapping & Musty waters. That is  Lake Elementaita in a nut shell. A National Geographic episode in real life with nature’s best quality resolution, cinematography & colour gradation.

watermark sunrise2

watermark sunrise

watermark sunrise3


Dying trees give it a scene straight out of a Tim Burton movie. Mystery & Thrill. Every few minutes you would hear a branch plummet into the lake and birds flattering away into the distance. Everything seemed in unison with itself. Tranquil & Peaceful. It is the perfect atmosphere to pick up a good read; for me it was Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner.





By 9, everyone was up and in typical creative fashion, camera at hand. We spent most of the morning taking shots & lazying around.



It was interesting seeing the hard work and the creative process of the Sanaa crew. ( And they did not pay me to say that) 😀 I also got to feature in some of their shots for their new merchandise.  Mama, I made it!

Courtesy of Sanaa Story

If you are interested in purchasing Sanaa Varsity jackets, Hoodies, T-shirts or any of their merchandise please head over to their website:



At 3 pm we began heading back to Nairobi and made a final stop at Digital Valley View Point. With vast views of the Rift Valley, this was the perfect place to end our trip.


In conclusion, Lake Elementaita does not get the attention it deserves. It has so much to offer but little is really said about it. Next post, I will help you plan your own trip to this spectacular lake.

Have a lovely week.


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