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Lake Elementaita: A Day Trip (Part 1)

The Kenyan Part of the Rift Valley has so much to offer in terms of destinations. From the adulating hills of the Aberdares, to the magnificence of Mount Longonot. One never fails to discover something new.

Within the span of two weeks, I had the opportunity to visit the underrated Lake Elementaita TWICE! One with my Architecture class and the other with Sanaa. Each giving me a unique experience of the lake and the Rift Valley as a whole.

Here is the Day Trip and next week will be the second part of this Elementaita series.

One bright January morning, my Architecture class set out to Lake Elementaita which lies in the Great Rift Valley between Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru. We were headed for a site visit but it was still an opportunity to discover nature’s grand display that is Lake Elementaita.


A trip to the lake takes nearly two and a half hours if one doesn’t stop at View Point. The View Point is approximately one and a half hours from Nairobi and has picturesque views of the Rift Valley. Views that are rare to come by.
viewMichelle jumping

Once exiting your vehicle, you will be bombarded by a couple of sellers trying to sell you their wares. Curio shops that sell African sculptures, bracelets and the likes, are also set up along the the View Point. The trinkets sold here are similar to those in Maasai Market but a lot more pricier ;nearly double.

From View Point to the Lake is another one hour drive.


We stopped at Lake Elementaita View Point, an off road track that currently does not have much to offer but construction is underway to bring something to serve passer-bys.

After we got our brief, and finished what we had to do there, a bunch of us renegades opted to walk to the lake. We knew we weren’t supposed to but why come all this way!

old lady

The walk from the Lake Elementaita view point to the lake itself is approximately 10 minutes. I would say going rogue was a good idea due to the fact that the views from the lake were worth it!


The lake is a soda lake therefore there is a musty smell emanating from it but this is all masked by the beauty of the landscape. Truly a treat.


Near the lake are a couple of hotels and camps; but we had the opportunity to take a peek into Pelican Lodge which is a 4 star lodge.

Us ‘Rebels’ knew that we had to go to Pelican Lodge but we opted to jump the gun and go the lake. We were feeling quite accomplished at our ‘truancy’ until we got a call that the school bus had left us and had gone to the Lodge!

Stranded in Elementaita would have been the premise of our mini series. I even thought of who i’d eat first if this was an episode of Lost! (Kinja & Michelle, it would have been you :D)

They look healthy & delicious, don’t they? 😀

Did you see how I subtly put in a cannibalism joke?

This post got twisted really fast!

Anyway, I digress.

Luckily Pelican Lodge is a walking distance. In fact we were at their premises at the time without knowing! The only thing that separated us from it was a live electric fence that clearly we could not jump over.

The lodge itself  gives a true African feel in its design and decor, with cottages mimicking the traditional African hut and the use of earthy materials such as timber, thatch and stone.


Single Suite Room

A room goes for nearly 20,000 KSH ($200) for a triple suite room on full board for a Kenyan Resident and 250 USD for a single suite room during peak season for non residents. Click HERE for more rates.

All cottages have views of the lake and the lounge has a balcony overlooking the lake too! The interiors of the bar and lounge are also exquisite as they have seats running round the entire room. I wasn’t able to fully get a feel of the place and take as many pictures as I could as time was a factor but please check out their website for more on this luxury lodge.

By 4pm, we had to start our journey back to Nairobi but we made a quick pit-stop at Kekopey Town where we bought some delectable Nyama Choma (Roasted Goat Meat) and some chips. A treat after a long day of discovery.



Next post we will take a more in depth look at what the lake has to offer and I’ll give my full experience at Oasis Eco Camp. Finally, I’ll do a Plan Your Trip post to help you plan your own trip to Lake Elementaita!

Have a lovely week!

Photo Credit

Fiona Naserian
Michelle Wanjiru
Kinja Kariuki
Christine Waithera

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