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Make Uhuru Park Great Again!

In the heart of the Nairobi CBD lies a park nearly consigned to oblivion. The meaning & value it has held  for  nearly five decades to its frequents, has now become a dull memory in their minds. A national treasure and symbol of Kenyan Nationalism and Unity, a Christmas Day destination for those who could not afford a lavish hotel lunch or a trip overseas, grounds that have seen love bloom, proposals made, hearts broken & families born. Uhuru Park has seen it all.


But somewhere in the last decade, it has lost its appeal. Most new age Kenyans think mundanely of it. Some make snarky remarks like, ‘Catch me dead’ or ‘It’s not a crowd I want to be seen in’. When did this place that defined so many lives become victim to such detestation? What did Uhuru Park ever do to you? I’d like to think these few have not experienced the park for themselves.


The cold September day that I opted to go to the park; I would say was one of the best days that month. The water glistened on that day, reflecting the sunset. The trees looked greener than ever before. It seemed like an escape from the harshness of the city. It had meaning once more. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way.


But I am hopeful. Kenyan photographers are seemingly on a mission to revive the splendor of the park; To unite Kenyans once more with the power of art.

Photo Credits:
Michelle Wanijiru 
Kinja Kariuki
Fiona Naserian
Christine Waithera

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2 thoughts on “Make Uhuru Park Great Again!

  1. Oh wow, from the photographs, it looks like a really nice place. I haven’t been there(rather passed through there) in ages. Some random fear from those stories about con men and sijui what else. Your post has challenged me to make a visit.

    Once again, beautiful images.

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