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When Wanderlust Hits Hard.

Hello there!  It has been a while since I did a travel rant.

So this week the wanderlust bug hit me hard. For those unfamiliar with the term wanderlust, it means a strong desire to travel. Thus the title of this blog, ‘the art of wanting to travel’.  Wanderlust is like a pesky mosquito that flys near your ear and when you try to swat it, it comes back with vengeance! Damn those mosquitoes.

Anyway, this week all I could do is daydream about travel and all the places I would love to go. I am sure some of you relate to this. You try to concentrate on reading for an exam then your mind wanders to walking the streets of Italy trying to find the perfect ristorante! You try to finish your project then you find yourself climbing Mount Kilimanjaro! Soon, you may find yourself on Instagram looking at travelgrammers like @Jayalvarrez. (Let me not get started on this guy’s Instagram Page!) or you find yourself watching Travel Vlogs on Youtube.

Soon you find yourself looking at flight charges and accommodations on Airbnb for this imaginary trip of yours. You even end up knowing what to carry in your carry on and the hot spots you will it first. This seems very realistic. Then finally life hits you that; this is all a daydream and you revert back to your normal day to day routine, dazed and confused. At times even depressed.  I fully understand you fellow professional Wanderluster. These are the stages of Wanderlust.

Well i’m here to tell you you can use the wanderlust bug to your advantage! Use the bug as motivation. It will move you to actually do something to realise your dream. Let me illustrate this with a scenario:

You are thinking about spending 5000Ksh ($50) in a restaurant then the wanderlust bug hits you. It will make you save that money for your travels!

The Wanderlust bug makes you accountable to your travel dreams so do not ignore or suppress it. Actually fuel it.

See you on Sunday 🙂

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