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People Go Places: France.

‘Vive la France’

In light of what happened in Paris this past weekend, I thought it would be fit to have a France post that shares the lovely country that it is. The hideous attack should not dwindle the shining star that is Paris.

France is a beautiful country and Nkirote Mathiu, a finance student from Catholic University, had an amazing experience. Here is what she had to say.


CW:Why and when did you go to France?

NM: We went in October. It was a trip designed for law students but I study Finance. When a vacation calls you grab it! Vacay knows no courses! I mean we all struggling in uni.

CW:How long were you in France?

NM: 6 days, exclusive of travel. I was in France for a week but I’ll be back France, we didn’t bond enough 😀

CW:Where did you stay?

NM: We stayed at the Ciarus Hostel in Strasbourg which is pretty good for a hostel. I appreciated the space. Paris is definitely priced on the higher side. Make Tripadvisor your home page to find a suitable hotel!

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel


CW: First impression of the place?

NM:It is cold!  The lowest I’ve experienced is 18 degrees(note: at night under blankets!!) So the weather just hits you like boom! Frostbite! And it’s not even winter. I appreciate African weather now.

The attention to detail in French architecture is amazing

CW: Where did you visit and what was your favourite attraction?

NM: Well, most visits were centered to cater for the legislative students. That is, most sites at first were not tourist attractions but more so educational visits.

Nkirote in Strasbourg

However, Strasbourg (the city we spent most of our trip in) is a known tourist destination as it is a fuse of German and the French culture. Most buildings were built in the 1600s and still stand today!

Chateau Haut-Koenigsbourg


View from the chateau


We got to visit Chateau Haut-Koenigsbourg in Orschwiller, Alsace, which is 2 hrs from Strasbourg. It is huge and quite breathtaking! If you like Game of Thrones you’ll definitely get a feel of it there. Thank God for the Sortie (exit) signs everywhere. Otherwise you would get lost. In addition to its splendor, the view from the chateau is amazing!

The Louvre

Towards the end of our trip, we went to Paris! We saw  the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel and the Louvre museum where the Monalisa is exhibited. We also took a tour cruise on Seine River. Sadly, we were not able to see the Arc De Triomphe or Versailles and that’s why I shall be back Paris!


The aura in Paris is magical and everything is breathtaking . The history behind most buildings and the art (dumbfounded)…. Sigh.

CW:French food is known to be a delicacy, do you agree?

NM: I missed my spicy food 😀 . I would have to say it is tasty. I mean who doesn’t like cheese! The French are also quite generous with their servings. The crepes sold on the streets are amazing especially with a dip load of nutella. Simply know you’re coming to the dentist when you’re back

CW:How are the people?

NM:People are lovely and willing to help. Oh and everyone’s in love. Dang!

Seine River

CW: As a Kenyan, how would you compare the two countries?

NM: Life in France is fast. We have a long way to go and it definitely inspired me  to make Kenya a better place.

CW: What did you like most about your trip?

NM: The Eiffel Tower!
eiffel night

CW: What did you dislike most about your trip?

NM: I’d say I appreciate English now 😀

CW:Any travel advice for anyone thinking about going to France?

NM:Carry a map. Educate yourself in order to familiarize yourself with life there before hand if you will go alone. And pay your tram ticket. No one wants to loose 34€ as a fine! Cringe!!!??


Photo Credit: Nkirote Mathiu & Michelle Nyaguthii

Have a lovely week!

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