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Travel Blogging: My 2 Cents

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”
~Benjamin Franklin

In this day and age of opinionated people, it seems that blogging has become the “in” thing for most millennials. Many people want to share their opinion with the world cause the internet has given us a platform for every voice to be heard. Here in Kenya, we see blogs coming up everyday with everyone sharing their interests.  This has made blogging a good and bad thing; with many people doing it for the sake and giving content not because they actually care about it but because it’s the popular decision.

I too fell victim to “blogging-for-the-sake syndrome”, having three blogs that fell short cause i did not have any passion for what I was writing about.That was not until I found my niche, travel.

I can say that travel has always been an inherent part of me that I had not really explored until now. I never thought that I will be able to travel. To get myself out of that mindset, I opted to start this travel blog.

But Christine, why start a travel blog and you have not gone anywhere, really? Well dear reader, this was my first step to realising my travel dreams. Being in a community where people have gone further than I would imagine and done things more exhilarating than I have done helps me keep in check. Challenging myself to do a post a every Sunday even though I have not left Nairobi for a month makes me feel accountable to you, my reader, and myself. Plus I really enjoy writing and photography.


  1. Travel Blogging is a good idea for anyone with a passion for travel. It is a way to marry it with something tangible that may open opportunities that you never thought that it would.
  2. It is a good way of keeping you accountable to your passion. Challenging yourself to write and actually go out and do things will make you steps closer to achieving your goals as compared to when you simply have your travel dreams at hand
  3. You won’t have to repeat the ‘gruesome’ details of your travels.You could always tell people to check out your blog for the details especially if you are not that good at verbal storytelling like me but are kind of good at writing it!
  4. You have something to look back on in future. The internet is forever.
  5. It will open you up to a community of people who share the same kind of passion as you and learn from each one of them.
  6. You help create content that will help fellow travelers!

    Though my blog is still at its infancy, i’m still learning a lot such as generating content you would like to read yourself and not getting hang up on statistics.Be grateful whether it’s 3 people reading your content or 50,000. If you want to do this, don’t do it as a fad, do it cause you are actually passionate about travel. The money aspect may or may not come, therefore doing it for money may be null and void.

    What if you are passionate about travel but you do not want to write? There are visual platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Beme and Storie that you can explore or even invent your own platform! You never know.

 All in all, travel blogging is a brilliant idea for anyone looking to travel. Simply start, create content you enjoy, be authentic, do not get hang up on stats, challenge yourself and watch it soar!

Have a lovely week!

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