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Hello. Hope you had a lovely week!
This week we’ll look at general tips for anyone wanting to visit Diani.


  1. Swim in the Indian Ocean.
    The water is quite rough but you cannot leave without taking a dip in the clear blue waters.
  2. Swim in the African Pool
    This is a natural-forming pool at Diani when the tide is low. If you are a good swimmer ,that is, and are not scared of sea urchins, this is an amazing experience. It is only 50ksh!
  3. Eat the local cuisine
    A short trip to Ukunda Town will be beneficial and you can sample some of their local cuisine and street food. (especially the bhajias)
  4. Drink Madafu
    Madafu is simply coconut water and the perfect drink by the beach.
  5. Go Camping
    Camping by the beach is an amazing experience. Campsites such as Twiga Camping Site are affordable. It is 400ksh ($4) per night with your own tent and 600ksh ($6) with their tent. Bathrooms and washrooms are available.
  6. Buy souvenirs
    I’m a strong believer in supporting the tourism industry of wherever you visit. Buying souvenirs is one of the best ways to do this. You can buy crafts from the local craftsmen of the area and it’s the perfect gift to take to your grandmother!

    PLEASE NOTE: Buying starfish and coral is an environmental hazard and you are doing more harm than good to oceanic life. Please do not buy these items if offered.

  7. Look for sea creatures.
    They are fascinating to look at cause they are unlike the typical things us land-lovers are used to. Expand your knowledge and ask locals about them.
  8. Simply relax!
    Getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life and simply doing nothing at Diani beach should be a doctor’s prescription. Simply sitting by the beach with a book or your music; being in the present moment is very therapeutic.


  1. Carry sunscreen!
    This is my biggest regret. The sun is very unforgiving so be prepped with sunscreen.
  2. Carry sunglasses, a hat and sandals
    These are the most essential accessories at the beach and will make your trip more comfortable.
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  3. Beware of sea urchins!
    They are everywhere and stepping on them is not pleasant.
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  4. Be prepared for sand to go everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE!
    Sand to some is the devil’s salt. It goes everywhere if you are not careful. Prepare to have it in your hair, bag and 2 weeks later in your room. You don’t even know how it got there in the first place!
  5. Have fun!
    Have fun, make memories and do not be bound by anything. (Except maybe the sea. You can die you know)

Read Disovering Diani Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 for more info.
Have you been to Diani? Do have any more tips and what-to-dos? Please write it on the comments. 🙂
Have an amazing week!


  1. Yes…. Tips is to look for a mermaid :)…. Hehe…. Take walks in the early morning and evening to capture the sunrise and sunset view

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