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Kenyan Bucket List.

Hello, i hope you have been well. I have been great aside from my phone being stolen 🙁 These are the days that i loathe Kenya. It is a bit ironic that i say i hate Kenya but then im writing about things i love about this country. lol

I have done a bit of ranting in this blog and now i would like to rant about where i would like to go when I could. This is my Kenyan Bucket List.

  1. Climbing Mount. Kenya.
    Photo Source: http://free-stock-illustration.com

    I know i am not the fittest person to even suggest climbing up a hill, but climbing Mount. Kenya is at the top of my list. The mountain is the second highest mountain in Africa, being 5,199 m high. The mountain’s beautiful glacial peak and bamboo and rain forest bring hundreds to Kenya each year. This trek would be pushing my limits and having conquered the mountain would be the ultimate dream of mine.

    Photo Source:abontherocks.wordpress.com
    mt-kenya21..summits africa
    Photo Source: Jambo Nairobi

  2.  Scuba Diving or Snorkeling in Watamu.
    Diving in Lembongan, Bali
    Again, this is something way out of my comfort zone but the deep sea, to me, is beyond fascinating. I would love to see it with my own eyes.
    tar watamu

  3. Camping, Bike Riding & Rock climbing in Hell’s Gate National ParkHell’s Gate National Park has one of the most amazing landscapes in Kenya with gorges that are massive and are used for rock climbing, biking that allows you to enjoy the scenery and the majestic animals by your side and finally camping under the beautiful Kenyan night sky. What more would you want.

    Random Fact: Hell’s Gate inspired Pride Rock from the Lion King.
    kenya-hells-gate-national-park hg1 Hells_gate_National_Park-0

  4. Bungee jumping and Water rafting at Rapids Camp Sagana.
    Photo Source: Raftinginkenya.com
    Photo Source: Raftinginkenya.com

    These are all death wishes but how amazing are these activities. That adrenaline rush sounds enticing to me. River Tana has  grade 3- 5 rapids therefore Kayaking or diving or plunging in a height of 40 ft waterfall is exactly what this adrenaline junkie wants.

    Photo Source: Raftinginkenya.com

  5. Going on a good road trip with friends.

    from the blog www.stuckincustoms.com
    Photo Source: www.stuckincustoms.com

    Yes, i have never been road tripping but it is high on my bucket list. Having a car, stocking up on snacks and seeing where the road leads you sounds amazing and who else would you rather do such a thing than with your good mates.I could go on and on but that is it for now. I hope to one day realise all these travel dreams.

    Have a lovely week

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    1. Thank you 🙂 Most people aren’t sure why it’s called Hell’s Gate. Maybe because of the hot springs and geysers in the area or the fact that a mountain nearby ,Mt. Longonot, erupted and the effects were felt later. But it was a term coined by explorers in 1883. 🙂

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