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Nairobi Safari Walk!

Hello Wanderlusters!

I hope you had a good week. Today’s post is on the Nairobi Safari Walk, where i went with the lovely Diana. The Nairobi Safari Walk is located on Lang’ata Road at the Kenya Wildlife Headquarters. It is like a zoo of some sorts. School children also come here to get knowledge on wildlife whilst on school trips.

We arrived at the entrance of the KWS and  we already saw a hilarious sign, “Warthogs & Children have right of way”. I mean, can you see the word order here, its not even Children & Warthogs. Anyway, we got to the ticket area and bought the tickets. For residents its pretty cheap but for non residents, it is quite pricey; almost $15 whilst a resident pays $3.



Once we got in, the first thing that caught our eyes is the integration of African Architecture in the basic design of the entire safari walk with the use of materials such as thatch, timber and stone. These materials give an authentic feel to the place. If you would want to go here not only for the animals, go for the brilliant display of architectural prowess.





The park generally has a flow to it. You start at the pygmy hippos and walk your way around the park, seeing a rhino, giraffes, lions, leopard, cheetahs, antelopes, crocodiles, Columbus monkeys and many more.

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The sign boards they have are also imaginative and hilarious. For example this one that gives the sounds the birds make. Diana and I had a laugh. The coolest part for me was seeing the stride of a cheetah!

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The only down side of the park in my opinion is that some of the animals were quite far. I tried to get a shot of the leopard for example but it was futile cause the leopard was too far and zooming only ruined the shot. Sadly 🙁

During our trail, we found a little nook that was actually a short nature walk that led us to a lovely view. We soon left the premises after seeing all that we could.


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Diana’s Dalmatian shirt is the coolest thing ever!

All in all the Nairobi Safari Walk is a lovely place to go with family or even just to go with a friend.

Have a wonderful week 🙂


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