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The Actual Art of Wanderlusting.

Hey there, i know im not great at writing on here..but i will improve soon. I hope you have been lovely thus far.

So, i am here to rant again about how much i really want to travel and again it was caused by watching more travel vloggers on YouTube. I could say that im a professional wanderluster.

As my good friend Michelle says, the world if compared to your gigantic hand, where you are from is the size of the tiniest part of your pinky finger, maybe even a cell. Being from a relatively small country, Kenya that receives many tourists each year, i have come to meet and associate with people from different countries with their tales of their home countries that gives me ten times more wanderlust than i already have..( and i think that my wanderlust levels are pretty high)

Travelling opens your mind up to new ideas, people and experiences. The ideas you have are mostly from where you come from and going to different places will make you see the world differently and make you appreciate what you have . My wanderlust cravings led me to join the “Eat Pray Love” bandwagon a bit too late but im happy i did it. This book made me look at life in a whole different spectrum.

Elizabeth Gilbert opted to travel for a whole year to 3 countries; Italy, India and Indonesia on a journey of self discovery and self realization. These places made her see life in a different light and she was able to do a 360 turn in her life. This journey, i believe, is one everyone needs in their lives…at least once in a lifetime.

Now, you may be like me and are wondering how you will travel but you have nothing in your bank account and butterflies fly out of your wallet every time you open it. Here are some ideas that may help you realize your travel dreams;

  1.  Get a destination. Decide on a destination and try to equate how much everything will cost.. Once you  have a certain amount in mind, work towards it. Start a savings account and save up towards that amount with a certain time frame e.g I will save up to $1000 for my May 2018 trip to Phuket.
  2. Get connections. Maybe you have a friend in the country you want to go to or you can go with organizations such as AIESEC where cheap accommodation can be arranged. Your friend could house you.
  3. Keep the faith. Keeping your travel dreams in the back of your mind will help you realise it. It will help you save and get connections and work hard to realize it

I think i have said the word Wanderlust one too many times here..but il leave you with some of my favourite YouTube travel vloggers and we can share in this together. Hopefully, when we finally travel, we can finally meet up and laugh about this post together, maybe in Venice or Montreal..you decide where we are to meet up 🙂 Okay im rambling now..so ciao till the next travel rant 🙂


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  1. Shout out ?… Book is so amazing…. Infact i want to reread so that I can get the lines of phrases she so importantly used

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