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For the past week, i have been home with absolutely nothing to do…i painted here and there but other than those few hours of solace, i have been going through YouTube videos. Anyone who frequents YouTube or is a slave to the internet, very well knows that you cannot just watch one thing…you start by watching exactly what you wanted and five hours later find yourself singing along to a Lion King Song. Not that i did this….well…mine was Mulan but that’s besides the point. And iv come to realize when im at this state, i find myself gravitating to things that i aspire to do or be..and 8 hours later i find myself depressed and on the verge of suicide…just kidding on the suicide part. OR AM I?..lol

For example, just now, iv found myself watching travel vlogs. Anyone who truly knows me, knows that if i start watching them, i shall not be moved until im too depressed. There is something about watching young strangers embark on adventures that you’ve only dreamt of. I even start imagining myself as a third wheeler in their honeymoon vlog .lol..don’t judge. I know what your thinking right now…”Hey..why don’t you just save up and travel” Well, chiiiiiild, wish it was that easy. Some reasons are:

  1. I’m a university student..thus broker than everyone else in the world
  2. My parents CANNOT pay for my travel ventures…all the money goes to my fees.

So clearly money is my main issue…iv dreamt about winning the lottery and saving a quarter of it and going on a vacation to Malta with the rest or going to Florence to see the Mona Lisa..or to New Zealand to see the Shire and pretend to be a Hobbit…or Ireland to be in Westoros or simply seeing the Architecture in London. These are about a few of my dreams of seeing the world.

So, right now i am in a complete state of depression after watching The Rickshaw Run. These guys are my age and have been able to travel to India and even better make a difference by doing this. HECK! THAT’S MY DREAM JOB. How could i make this a reality for myself?

By getting my butt out of bed first! And actually doing something with my life. Start small…travel within the country first..then expand your horizons. I have this thing where whenever i visit a place in my country, Kenya, I will take pictures and videos and compile them to short vlogs. It makes me appreciate where iv been..and acknowledge that. Appreciating the past as you wait for the future, i call it. And get a savings plan.

To sound off since this is awfully long…i do believe im to travel in the near future and see my vlogs up on YouTube πŸ™‚ SO MONTE CARLO HERE I COME!

12 thoughts on “I WANT TO TRAVEL!

  1. Courage, friend. I was you, a long time ago, a girl from Alaska who loved the smell of airplane fuel. Get your education – it is truly priceless. Then seek a job where your government will pay you to go other places and LIVE while you also travel. When you live in a place, buy groceries, buy gas, pay rent, etc. you get the true flavor, a deeper flavor. Your photos from the Masai market are superb; find their equivalent where you live. Make sure it’s a job where you move every year or two so you don’t get stale and lose your thirst for adventure πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you very much for your wise words…that is extremely good advice that il take. I long for exactly what you speak of…getting the true flavour of a place. May I ask if you have fullfilled your travel dreams too?

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