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Snorkelling & Dolphin Spotting in Wasini Island.

First of all, Happy 2018! I know i’m weeks late but thought i’d give this consistency thing a try. However, im not making any promises. So let’s begin.

For new years eve, a group of friends and I had the opportunity to visit the beautifully blue Wasini Island located South of Mombasa. I would say that Wasini is one of the most beautiful places we have in Kenya. We spent nearly 24 hours on the Wasini Island and I thought i’d give you a quick guide an how you can also spend your own 24 hours in Wasini.

2  PM: Journey From Diani to Shimoni.

The drive from Diani to Shimoni is not a long one, however, when you are off the tarmac and on to the murram road; the distance seems longer. The views along the Ukunda-Ramisi Road are lined with gorgeous palm trees and greenery. We had hired a car whilst in the coast, however it easily accessible by Matatu. There is guarded KWS parking available in Shimoni which you pay KSH 200.

4 PM: Shimoni Slave Caves.

 Take an eye opening historic tour of the Shimoni Slave Caves and learn about the slave trade that took place along the East African Coast.  The slave cave tours are provided by the community and funds are used to pay for school fees for the children in the community. Entrance is only KSH 100 for citizens.

5PM: Head to Wasini Island & Check-in at Blue Monkey cottage.


Wasini is only a 15 minute boat ride away from Shimoni. We had a reservation at the quiet Blue Monkey Beach Cottage which is one of the few accommodations in Wasini Island. The cottage is an eco-friendly cottage made from local materials; rough stones and shells that make up the walls and the mangrove roof constructions covered with palm shingles. As there is no water connection in Wasini, the residents have innovated sustainable ways of waste collection which can be seen at this cottage.

The owners Amina and Feisal are very friendly and ensure that you have a comfortable stay at their cottages. I would say, the meals I had at Blue Monkey are some of the best Swahili meals I have ever had in my life. An assortment of sea food, coconut rice, local greens made my stay at Blue Monkey Cottage .

The cottages are not for everyone. If you enjoy luxury; this may not be for you but if you are a Man of the Woods and enjoy living as a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle, then this is the perfect experience for you.

6PM: Head to the Coral Gardens.

A project initiated by the women in Wasini Island, the coral garden board walk is a must, especially during sunset. This spectacular scenery of coral rocks and greenery seems like a scene straight from Game of Thrones. Citizens pay an entrance fee of KSH 200 to access the board walk.




8AM: Snorkeling and Dolphin spotting at Kisite Mpunguti National Park.

This is what most people come to Wasini to do. Feisal took us on an hour’s boat ride on his Blue Whale boat to Kisite Mpunguti National Park where we got to see dolphins swimming and see various fish species; nemo, dory and their turtle friend (Im not a marine biologist so don’t judge me).


The blue hues of the Kisite Mpunguti National park are straight from an Instagram or Pinterest board similar to the Maldives and Seychelles. Simply beautiful.



The excursion is a 6 hour package where we got a private boat, snorkelling gear, entrance to the park and lunch. Though we only completed 4 hours. They  were also very professional and were ready to help non-swimmers (like me).I really enjoyed snorkeling though I ended up getting sea sick at the end of the day.



For all relevant information on Wasini Island, transport and accomodation, please check out:

To book a dolphin tour: email

Have a lovely week!

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